Community Involvement Needed To Help McMorran Win Hockeyville Grand Prize

McMorran Place Sports and Entertainment Center has the opportunity to host a preseason NHL game and win $150,000 in upgrades by winning the Kraft Hockeyville USA grand prize.  Established in Canada in 2006, 2019 marks the fifth year for the Kraft Hockeyville USA competition. Ice arenas across the country compete in the contest to earn the title of Hockeyville USA by showing the community’s true devotion to hockey. Community members may participate in the contest nominating McMorran by adding or reacting to a story, photograph, video, adding a note or sharing to Twitter.  Eighty percent of the scoring relies on the community story score. Hockeyville has dedicated a large percentage of the scoring to the each arenas’
story because without stories the context to the added photographs and videos is lost. Stories include answers to the questions: “Tell us about your community spirit and passion for hockey.” “Can you describe an example of how this came to life?” “Tell us about your rink. Why is it important to your community and how would the $150,000 be best used to upgrade the rink?” and “Why should your community be the next Kraft Hockeyville USA 2019?” Adding a story
is 10 points whereas reacting to a photo, video, story or adding a note is one point. The more points McMorran has the better chances of becoming a top four finalist.  The deadline to nominate McMorran is March 2. If the judges select McMorran as one of the final four arenas with the possibility of winning the grand prize a voting round will open March 30 at 7 a.m. and will close on March 31 at 11 a.m.  The grand prize winner is awarded $150,000 in arena upgrades and an opportunity to host a preseason NHL game with possible coverage from NBC. First runner up will receive $30,000 in grants and two second runner up will receive $10,000 in grants.  McMorran Place arena came close to winning Hockeyville’s grand prize in 2018 placing in the top 10. Lakeview Arena in Marquette, Mich. won the 2016 Hockeyville grand prize using the winning to purchase exterior signs, rebuilding the compressor which is necessary to create ice, and repairs to the Zamboni and lights.  McMorran Place, located in the heart of Port Huron’s downtown, is a civic center for the arts and community providing entertainment at an
affordable cost. Hosting several elegant and successful conventions, trade shows, concerts, banquets, ice shows, corporate meetings, seminars, and hockey for all ages, McMorran is the one stop spot for thrilling events, memory making rentals, and thriving community events. The McMorran Complex is owned by the City of Port Huron. The complex consists of an arena, an auditorium and multi-purpose rooms for rent. For more information please visit or call (810) 985-6166.