County Courthouse Grounds Get a Makeover from Armstrong Campaign

Port Huron, MI — The St. Clair County Courthouse grounds got some sprucing up on Tuesday, compliments of volunteers from the “Keep Judge Mona Armstrong” Campaign. While billboards and pamphlets may be the norm in judicial campaigns, the Armstrong committee has added gardening to the mix.  The supporters planted marigolds, petunias, and geraniums in a neglected garden near the entrance of the courthouse. Judge Armstrong said that her election committee decided “it would be worthwhile to ‘beautify’ the front of the building. The County Building is an integral component of our community.”

Armstrong said that the courthouse is where she met her husband of 21 years, Todd, so it is personally significant, but it is also important as she has watched thousands of people visit the courthouse “to find justice and seek help”. The idea for the gardening project came from a county employee who noticed the empty flowerbed on her daily walks.

Armstrong was appointed to the 72nd District Court Judge position by Governor Whitmer in March, following the resignation of Judge Cynthia Platzer. Armstrong is seeking to retain the seat in the November 3rd election, being challenged by Port Huron attorney, Caryn VanderHeuvel.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland

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