County Courthouse Update

The wheels of justice are still turning, but they are doing so behind closed doors and with safety precautions in place. Both St. Clair and Sanilac County Courts have issued press releases stating their amended operations to comply with COVID-19 community spread mitigation orders. 

St. Clair County courts were still open as of Tuesday afternoon, but have encouraged adjournments for vulnerable persons. They are also limiting person to person contact and encouraging people to use phone, fax, and email as much as possible. Many adjournments are expected, and notices have been mailed out. 

The courts do still need to be contacted for adjournment requests. Those with a St. Clair County court date between now and April 6 should note that they are not off the hook for court appearances. They need to contact the court, or risk default in a civil trial or a bench warrant in a criminal trial. 

In Sanilac County, the courthouse is completely closed to the public through April 6. Jury trials in Sanilac County have been adjourned. The Sanilac County Jail is allowing on-line video visitation, but no personal visits. Residents will also need to put off getting fingerprinted, purchasing permits, or any other business until after April 6, or further notice.