County Receives Grant to Expand Industrial Park

An area in Port Huron between Dove and Nern as well as 28th and 32nd streets will be receive funding to prepare the land as a new industrial zone. The current industrial park is almost at full capacity, and officials want to increase the confidence of potential investors in the area. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has approved a Site Readiness Grant submitted by the Economic Development Alliance. The grant is for an amount up to $100,000, and the City of Port Huron has committed to match the grant up to that amount. The grant will provide funds to assist in clearing, tree removal, leveling, ground seeding, geotechnical investigation, and potential site development studies. The MEDC initially announced a $1.5 million dollar commitment to the Site Readiness Program in the state of Michigan, but it had to double their statewide commitment after receiving so many requests. Dan Casey, CEO of the EDA of St. Clair County, said the EDA worked closely with the City of Port Huron on the grant application, and they are pleased to be receiving the maximum grant award allowed by the program.