Cruising Downtown Port Huron May Make a Comeback

If you were a teen in the ’90s, you probably remember cruising downtown Port Huron just about every weekend in the summer. Groups of young people and car lovers would pile into their vehicles and flood the streets listening to their radios, enjoying a summer night in the city, and maybe even participating in a little car-to-car flirtation. Those days may be making a comeback.

As COVID-19 mitigation continues to force social distancing, people are craving something to get them out of their houses safely. Drive-by birthday parties, spontaneous parades to encourage frontline workers, and Operation Transformation’s drive-in community prayer service demonstrate that one of the places people feel safest is inside their own vehicles.

Currently, there is a huge push for drive in theaters to reopen, and musicians in Denmark have even held outdoor concerts to an audience of neatly spaced cars in a giant parking lot. Locally, Luke and Sindy Marion, owners of several downtown businesses, have initiated a car parade downtown to celebrate Mother’s Day.

This Sunday, from 2-3 PM, the downtown business district would love to help you reminisce about those days cruising up and down Main Street or experience it for the first time. Vehicles should meet at Vantage Point to line up, and participants are asked to stay in their vehicles at all times.

With all the negative effects resulting from the COVID-19 virus, it’s important to relish the positive when it shows up. Even if you can’t make it this Sunday, with low prices at the gas pump, sunny days in the forecast, and a community that’s longing for safe socialization, we hope you’ll get a chance to hop in the car, turn on your radios, and cruise down memory lane.

More details about the Mother’s Day Car Parade can be found <HERE>.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand