Current Mayor Pro-Tem On Ballot To Retain Her City Council Seat

Eight candidates are in the running…only three seats are available for Port Huron City Council.  Running on the ballot are  Lisa Beedon,  Bob Mosurak, Arthur Payne,  Marissa Williams, Jeff Pemberton,  John Hardman, councilmember Teri Lamb and current councilmember Anita Ashford.   Ashford has a long list of credentials concerning her experience on boards and understanding how government and committees work.  She also has had experience on City Council, having served the past two terms on City Council and is current mayor pro tem.  She also serves with the Blue Water Transportation Commission.  Anita talked with WGRT about the blight situation in the city, and how she feels that to deal with that, you need to move up to dealing with the rental housing issues.  That is where it starts, she says.  The landlords need to provide good quality housing, and good quality renters will follow.