Deputy Accredited as Accident Reconstructionist

A St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputy has become the first law enforcement officer in St. Clair County to be awarded full accreditation as a traffic accident reconstructionist.  Russ Nowiski, who works in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit, recently passed a very intensive test, conducted by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction. Just being able to qualify to take the test requires a stringent background check, which includes a review of past accident reconstruction, licenses, permits and other certifications in crash reconstruction and much more.

According to its website, ACTAR is the only international accrediting body for traffic collision reconstruction. Sheriff Tim Donnellon said his office is “very proud of Russ’s accomplishment. Not only is he the first to attain this certification in St. Clair County, he is one of only 20 ACTAR certified investigators in the entire state of Michigan.” Over the course of his career, Deputy Nowiski has developed an advanced knowledge of the theory of how and why a crash occurred.