Digital Fitness

A local fitness enthusiast and personal trainer is using technology to reach out to clients and anyone else as his gym, along with all gyms, has been closed down for COVID-19 prevention. 

Casey Goryl, owner of CBA Fitness at 810 Lapeer Avenue in Port Huron has started recording a daily workout video that anyone can do in their own home. You don’t need any equipment, just a computer or ipad or phone and a Facebook account. 

The exercise uses your own body weight for resistance.  Goryl said he plans to record the videos every morning at 6:00 a.m. for as long as needed in this “whole new world” of social distancing. Goryl told us that when everybody else was buying toilet paper, he was researching what people can do to boost their immune systems in the face of a global pandemic. He found that moderate exercise, healthy eating, and a positive attitude can increase antibodies. While the gym is closed, Goryl is offering in-home personal training, using recommended precautions, along with the daily livestream.

Other gyms such as PlanetFitness have also begun offering workout resources online due to the Governor’s Executive Order to close many businesses for the time being.