DNR Statewide Licensing System Updates

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, getting your hunting and fishing licenses, as well as Off-Road vehicle and snowmobile permits, is about to be more streamlined and technologically advanced, but not before there will be a shutdown of the system. From February 15-18, the statewide licensing system will be offline. For those planning a trip up north to go snowmobiling, it’s suggested residents obtain permits and licenses now.

Starting on February 18, users can expect the upgraded service. Changes are, in part, due to a new vendor who will utilize a bar code system, QR security codes, and more user-friendly features than the previous system which was operated by the same vendor 26 years. According to DNR Director, Dan Eichinger, the change has taken more “than two years of planning and developing a modern license sales system that offers up-to-date, convenient and cost-effective services for customers and retail partners.” The new system is expected to be operational by noon on February 18. The DNR generates around $77 million with the issuance of over 4 million licenses and permits each year.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.