East China Schools Bond Proposal

A statement to the community in a recent East China School District newsletter has revealed the details of a new bond proposal that voters will see on a March 10, 2020 ballot. 

According to the statement from Superintendent Suzanne Cybulla, “After the May 2019 bond was defeated, the school district set out to understand and listen to what the community felt. A survey was conducted of voters and many conversations with community members took place to listen and truly understand what happened.”

With that feedback, Cybulla said the District began the process of redeveloping a bond program that would meet the principles established by the strategic planning committees and bond steering committees. The principles developed include: building safety enhancements, upgraded technology, increased opportunities for our students, and a respect for community traditions and spirit.

The new bond program proposal includes St. Clair and Marine City High Schools remaining at their current locations, infrastructure, technology, and security upgrades among other items with an overall Bond Scope that has been reduced by 25%.

The statement says the district is waiting on final approval from the State and attorneys to distribute more details. The district website has a Bond FAQ and property tax calculator. Community presentations are also planned in the new year. More information can be found at ecsd.us.