Edward Amyot

SC4 Trustee



Family Man

Ed is the husband of Pamela Lynn Amyot and the father of his newborn daughter, Lily Anne Amyot. By starting his family in Saint Clair, he has invested himself into the community and wants to see it flourish for the sake of his daughter. He wants St.Clair and SC4 to be a place that she can call home.

Man of Faith

Ed’s faith in Christ is incredibly important to him. He was raised Roman Catholic by his family and attended St. Isidore’s parish growing up where his family organized the yearly strawberry festival. Since 2003 Ed has been a Member of the Knights of Columbus.

Man of Service

Ed has always lived a life of service either by participating in service organizations like the Rotary Club or stepping up when others faultier. Recently he has become a volunteer firefighter in Saint Clair Township.

Business Leader

Since 2009 Ed founded Set in Stone Construction, a construction and development firm located in downtown Richmond. Ed knows what it takes to successfully manage and build a business. He knows how to lead and what skills are necessary for businesses to strive and thrive. He has the private sector experience that is paramount to have a job preparedness focus on education.

Experience in 21st Century Education

Ed has a wide variety of experience in many next generation technologies. As a pilot and tech connoisseur, Ed understands the need to prepare St. Clair County for the future, by investing in avionics programs, electronics, artificial intelligence, software development, and next generation manufacturing.


Ed was an early support of President Donald J. Trump and shares many of the same values as the President. By electing Ed Amyot to become a trustee of St. Clair County Community College you are electing a conservative warrior who will fight for Christian values and the American way of life.

Visit Edward’s website <HERE>.

Submitted by Edward Amyot