Eight Candidates For Port Huron City Council

Eight candidates are in the running…only three seat available for Port Huron City Council.  Running on the ballot are Anita Ashford, Lisa Beedon,  Bob Mosurak, Arthur Payne,  Marissa Williams, Jeff Pemberton,  John Hardman and current councilmember Teri Lamb.  Lamb says she has learned a great deal and now, after almost two years, she feels comfortable in her seat.  She was raised in Port Huron, has seen the good times as well as the bad, and currently, she says we are on the upswing and she would like to continue to be part of that momentum.  Lamb says she had her first job working at Dianna’s Sweet Shoppe, and her experience living here and seeing how the town has changed over the years would continue to be beneficial to council.