Eight Local Entrepreneurs Pitch For Small Business Funding In Catapult 2018

On Thursday, December 6, eight local entrepreneurs will give their best business pitch in the region’s 2018 Catapult small business competition as they compete for cash prizes to launch or grow their business.  The local first place winner will advance to the I-69 Thumb regional Catapult event in January 2019 for the opportunity to represent St. Clair County and win additional funding.  Catapult 2018 will begin at 6PM in The Underground Business incubator and is free to attend, although registration is required.  Those interested in hearing local business pitches and interesting ideas or supporting competitors in the competition are encouraged to register at www.startunderground.com     Catapult Business Competitors include (1)The Industry; Josh Sabo…The Industry is a new nonprofit that helps build the lives of young people. We are a talent retention and development program, working with 17-25 year old people to discover their talents, skills, and character in order to help them become employable community leaders. Our goal is to implement their skills into the workforce in their own community.  (2) Winsom Rewards, LLC;  Chris Smith and Michael Sharber.  Winsom is an app that solves the fitness motivation riddle. A majority of apps track what you’re doing or tell you what to do; Winsom will motivate you to get to the gym and work out. Our Phase One focus is students in Michigan. We’ll expand into the midwest and the rest of the country in Phase Two. We’ll expand out of the college market into all gyms in the US and other countries, wellness programs for businesses and other opportunities in Phase Three. (3) 4ever2, LLC,  Patrick Coughlin.  4ever2 Jewelstone Bands, have several unique advantages over traditional wedding bands. They are the world’s most comfortable wedding band as the two bands are engineered with a special curvature and width and easily roll over each other. Many claim our bands are so comfortable, they forget they are wearing a wedding band. (4) Hanton L.L.C -Hantoon’s Munny;  Mark Hanton.  Munny is the world’s best up and coming honey mustard sauce. (5)  Golden Laser Designs; Gregg Masters Jr.   Golden Laser Designs is a new business established in 2017. It is both a business to business and business to customer company offering custom laser engraving on a variety of products including acrylic, glass, leather, aluminum, and wood. All engraving is done in house with an Epilog 60 Watt Helix laser and products can be completely customized with a company’s logo, tagline, and can be designed by the individual also. (6) South of Heaven Beverage Company; Keith Gram.  South of Heaven Beverage Co. aims to bring the best tasting, highest-quality beverages to the marketplace. Our goal is to be health conscious and environmentally responsible. Our first product launched will be a one of kind Bloody Mary mix. A combination of organic ingredients expertly balanced to provide a Bloody Mary experience unlike any other by uniting the bold flavors of unique peppers with carefully chosen herbs and spices.  (7) Niche IX;  Dairoll Medrano.  Niche IX is a Visual, Performing Arts and Technology Boutique dedicated to serving the St Clair County and surrounding areas. As a co-operative space where creative artists, musicians, performing artists and the public can explore and develop their talents, trades and expectations as individuals and groups. And (8)  Activio;  Robert Frisch II.  Activio is a directory website focused on the adventure tourism market. We provide a marketing platform for activity operators to present their activities and make them more accessible to the general public. At our core is our custom video content feed. Our snackable video content drives user engagement, which gives users easily accessible content. We are focused on bringing the best activities to our users by making the content efficient and creative.

Local Prizes:  $2,500 First Place, $1,500 Second Place
Regional Prizes: $6,000 First Place, $4,000 Second Place, $2,000 Third Place Prize
(1st Place local winner will advance to the regional event on January 24 to represent St. Clair County).