Emergency Orders, Continued Precautions in Effect until Mid-July

Michigan will remain under a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic until at least July 16. Governor Gretchen Whitmer warned against complacency and encouraged continued mitigation efforts.

Michigan has shown success in “flattening the curve” so that hospitals are not overwhelmed by an onslaught of sick patients. Hoping for a July 4th move into “Phase 5” of the MI Safe Start plan, Whitmer said, ”The data backs it up: The Stay Home, Stay Safe Order undeniably saved lives. Very few states dropped their infection rate as low and for as long as Michigan has, and I want thank everyone who stepped up to do their part to protect our communities.” 

Whitmer also signed executive orders requiring face masks to continue to be worn in grocery stores and other public places. The order requires grocery stores and pharmacies to continue to set aside two hours per week as reserved for medically vulnerable shoppers until July 15.

Whitmer also continued the order allowing public bodies to conduct public meetings remotely until July 31, provided they adhere to the requirements of the Open Meetings Act. School boards are excused from monthly meetings under the order.

Reporting for WGRT- -Jennie McClelland