Excessive Digital Entertainment Hinders Children’s Creativity, Clinical Psychologist Warns

A 2019 pediatric study in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics reveals a correlation between social media use and diminished creativity in adolescents, linking it to low academic outcomes and reduced concentration. 

Clinical psychologist Stephanie Lee highlights the crucial role of boredom in fostering creativity among children and teenagers. Lee, specializing in optimizing education and mental health for youth, asserts that excessive digital entertainment robs kids of the boredom essential for generating their ideas, hindering imagination.

This study aligns with a growing body of research demonstrating the detrimental impact of social media on teenagers’ mental health, including a 2021 study indicating deficiencies in problem-solving and resilience skills among social media-addicted teens.

Lee suggests that diverse forms of entertainment, such as watching documentaries or attending concerts, can stimulate creativity, encouraging children to generate ideas independently.

Reporting for WGRT – Choze Powell