Extreme Cold Expected For Southeast Michigan

The National Weather Service has indicated that we will continue to experience extremely cold temperatures in the week ahead.   A winter storm system is pushing through the Great Lakes and the latest forecast information suggests that 2 to 7 inches of snowfall will be possible across Southeast Michigan.  Brutally cold weather is expected to develop with wind chills of 20 to 30 degrees below zero are forecast for all of Southeast Michigan Tuesday through Friday. Latest forecast information suggests this will be the coldest weather to impact the area in a few years. The St. Clair County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is reminding residents to be cautious in these conditions. During these times the mall and library are good warming stations. During normal business hours you can visit some of your local city, township or village halls for warmth.   Drive with caution and it is a good idea to check on the elderly, neighbors and pets.  Local Officials will continue to monitor the situation.