Fire Department Receives Award for Winter Rescue on Lake Huron

The Lexington Fire Department recently received a departmental award as the 2019 Sanilac County Firefighter of the Year for their performance during the winter rescue of a man on the ice in Lake Huron. The man was walking on the ice far from shore when he fell and suffered a head injury. He was too weak to get up, and a concerned neighbor, Mark Hertzfeld, noticed him and called 911. The Lexington Fire Department responded in their special ice rescue suits with an inflatable ice rescue boat.  Many department members took various positions on the ice, and they were able to get the man into the rescue boat and safely take him to the shore where he was treated and then transported to the hospital by Croswell EMS.  Several agencies around the area responded to assist in the effort. Mark Hertzfeld also received a meritorious service award for his role in the rescue.