Fly 360

For young people, it can be inspiring to meet those in public office. Karen Palka, Executive Director of A Beautiful Me, recently took several young teenage girls on a field trip to the state capitol and met some of our leaders. The group had a chance to visit with Senator Pete Lucido, Representative Shane Hernandez, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They visited as part of the Fly 360 field trip. “Fly 360” is the educational arm for The Closet by A Beautiful Me. It was created for high school teens to continue building their self-worth and value through experiences. This training includes life-skills elements in business training, philanthropy education, and social enterprise. The girls that went to the capitol ranged in age from 12 to 20. After touring the capitol building, they also learned the legislative process from elected officials. The tour culminated in a meeting with Governor Whitmer. Palka said the girls selected questions to ask the Governor. The questions helped to show the girls that elected officials are real people with many of the same hopes and dreams that we all have. Palka went on to say that A Beautiful Me equips young girls to be successful, confident, young women.