Fogcutter Tenants Avoid Eviction

Tenants located in the building at 511 Fort Street in Port Huron, know to many as the former Fogcutter, have avoided eviction, but officials say “other issues could arise in the near future.” 

According to a letter tenants received from the City’s fire marshall, it was confirmed that the fire alarm, primary fire suppression system and fire pump are all in operable condition at this time, but “deficiencies” are still present that will require attention to bring operations to “satisfy adopted fire code.” A full building inspection is scheduled for February 18, according to the letter. 

The building was in danger of being shuttered by the City of Port Huron. The building was deemed unsafe to occupy due to fire alarms being nonoperational. Fire suppression systems found to be uncertifiable and unable to be verified, according to City Manager, James Freed. The owner of the building had until January 31 to address and correct the problems or the building would have been considered uninhabitable due to the safety concerns. There are currently 12 tenants in the building.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.