Free ORV Weekend on Michigan’s Off-Road Trails

Michigan residents and out-of-state visitors looking for an off-road adventure can explore the state’s 3,700 miles of off-road trails and five scramble areas during Free ORV weekend coming up this Saturday, August 17 & 18. Ron Olson, chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division, said,  “This is the perfect opportunity to see and experience Michigan’s off-road trails.” Ron also wants to remind anyone that takes advantage of this opportunity that all ORV rules and laws still apply. The exception, of course, is that riders on designated routes and trails do not need an ORV license or trail permit during these two days. Riders will also have access to the state’s five scramble areas including St. Helen’s Motorsport Area, Black Lake Scramble Area, Silver Lake State Park and more. A Recreation Passport is still required where applicable, such as the scramble areas. Throughout the rest of the year, the DNR says that license purchases help the organization maintain and improve the ORV system.