Funding Natural Resources Trust Fund on the Ballot with Proposal 1

What is Proposal 1? It is a proposal to allow money from oil and gas mining on state-owned lands to continue to be collected in state funds for public land preservation. It allows for the State Parks Endowment Fund to cap at $800 million and subsequent money to go into the Natural Resources Trust Fund. It also specifies percentages of funding that would go into state park improvement, recreation areas, and land conservation.

Those in favor of the proposal, such as conservation and business groups, say that a yes vote puts money into the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, which has been protecting drinking water sources, natural outdoor spaces, and wildlife habitats. They say that Proposal 1 will expand the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund.

Those against the passage of the proposal, such as the Thumb Land Conservancy, say, it’s passing “will forever reduce the amount of money spent each and every year on important land and habitat protection projects.”

Voters will decide whether to change the funding or leave it alone when they vote on Proposal 1 on November 3rd.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland