Garth Gurnsey Running For Mayor Of Port Huron

Election day is Tuesday, November 6 and voters will head to the polls to decide on a number of positions.  Locally, in the city of Port Huron three seats for city council need to be filled and the position of Mayor is up for grabs.  Four candidates are running to hold the title of Mayor; those include current , current city councilman Scott Richard Worden, newcomer, Tray Smith, current Mayor Pauline Repp and Garth Gurnsey who has run for Mayor in the past.  Garth says he is an honest and hard-working person and he has a long history of connect to Port Huron.  He lived in the children’s shelter that was on 10th Street.  He served 26 years in the Navy and is involved in a number of Maritime activities.  He says he loves the city and he has ideas for the city to partner with others.  Gurnsey believes the city should eliminate the city income tax among other ideas which he feels would create growth within the city.