Get Paid to Not Text

Ever get tired of driving? Would it make you feel better if you were getting paid? There are plenty of apps and activity trackers that can track your driving, but now there’s one that will actually pay you for the miles you log while driving and not texting. 

According to OnMyWay, which is based in Woodland Hills, CA, the app awards its users with cash — five cents for every mile you drive while not texting and driving. Save up enough money and you can exchange them for real-life products. 

According to OnMyWay, users can also get paid as a passenger and can refer friends who will earn you 2 cents for every mile they don’t text and drive.

Chloe Palmer, Co-founder of OnMyWay says the company “believes that by giving our users positive rewards, we can end this horrific epidemic that is the #1 cause of death for young people ages 16-25. This just makes sense for our users, our advertisers and our community… Everybody Wins!!!” OnMyWay has created an economy that makes a difference and is profitable at the same time. A for-profit company with a cause.

Reporting for WGRT,