Girl on Fire 2020 Photo by: Shannon Schwabe

Girl on Fire 2020 a Blazing Success

A group of ladies caught fire at the Blue Water Convention Center last weekend, and the flames will likely burn long into the new year. The Girl on Fire conference promised to Ignite the Fire Within, and it definitely delivered. Around 150 women gathered on Friday night to experience the inaugural event organized by Kelly Lozano, owner of Grand Trunk Marketplace in downtown Port Huron. The idea came from Kelly’s many conversations with female customers at the store where she sensed a need for a place ladies could go to “dream, learn, and grow into their best, most authentic selves.” 

Speakers at Girl on Fire included many local business women and leaders such as Crystal Mosher, Theresa Winters, Sandy Mordon, Donna Russel-Kuhr, and Karen Palka along with guests from out of state, Kathy Demott and Amelia Rose Earhart. Each speaker shared part of their own personal journey and offered encouragement to those still struggling to identify their dreams, surround themselves with positive people, and realize their value and gifts. There was time for reflection, journaling and plenty of fun with emcee Cathy Martinek from WGRT. 

The event started with a Friday night Mix & Mingle that eased attendees into exploring new friendships, contemplating their dreams, and getting excited about Saturday’s speakers. The following day, the speaker’s delivered, and there was plenty of  laughter and many shed tears as their stories resonated with the audience. Keynote speaker, Amelia Rose Earhart, closed the event, and she shared the story of her flight around the world in a single-engine plane and her experience accomplishing the dream of her namesake, Amelia Earhart, who pioneered a path for women in aviation in the 1930s. 

Kelly Lozano can rest assured that her dream came true for the ladies at Girl on Fire 2020. Whenever someone passionately follows their desire to achieve a purpose that benefits others, something beautiful results. Kelly believes that the success of one woman is a success for all women, and those who know her feel this support immediately. Girl on Fire served up a generous portion of inspiration for its guests and sent them away dreaming about what’s next.

Reporting for WGRT, Jessie Wiegand

Girl on Fire 2020 Photo by: Shannon Schwabe, Visual Narrative Photography