Great Lakes Shipwreck Exhibit

Divers, researchers and enthusiasts alike have worked for years to find out more about the final moments of the ships lost in the White Hurricane of 1913. With new technology, some stories are able to be told for the very first time and they’re now being revealed to Blue Water Area Residents through a new exhibit and the Port Huron Museum.

Residents are being invited to tour the exhibit and explore the largest storm in Great Lakes history and the efforts over the last 100 years to try and answer all of the remaining questions. recently had the opportunity to hear from underwater diver Jared Daniel who has dedicated many hours of his life to discovering lost shipwrecks.

Daniel, through countless hours of research, has found at least thirteen shipwrecks, but it took him quite some time to find the one he was really looking for: The Hydrus. After combing more than 670 square miles of water, he finally was triumphant and he’s revealing what it looks like along with a little history on the Storm of 1913. Learn more in this feature.

Reporting for WGRT,