“Green Ooze” Inspections and Hearings

If you have followed Detroit area news, you have likely heard about the “green ooze” that was seeping onto I-696 in Oakland County. There is a twist to the story that hits a little closer to the Blue Water Area and has caused great concern for local officials and environmentalists, including State Representative Shane Hernandez. 

The ooze was traced to a manufacturing facility in Madison Heights. It has since been brought to light that the owner of the Metro-Detroit facility has property in Marion Township, near Deckerville, and a container with the potentially hazardous material was noticed on that property, along with extensive debris.

According to the Sanilac County Emergency Management Office, officials have visited the site and contacted the EGLE concerning this property. The representative of EGLE informed Emergency Management that the site was inspected in 2017 and no hazardous materials were found on the site at that time. A copy of that report has been requested and Emergency Management has also requested a re-inspection of the property to ensure there is no hazardous material or other public health issues at this location.

Michigan State Representative Shane Hernandez, whose district covers the area in question, says he is “outraged by the situation” and vows to get to the bottom of it. According to Hernanez, “as part of the process, the state House Appropriations Committee will schedule hearings into this issue.” According to Hernandez, the hearings will focus on what, when and how officials responded with the information they knew.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.