Group Urges Float Down Participants to Keep it Clean

With the annual Float Down only a week and a half away, there is a local group that is reminding participants to keep it clean.  The Friends of the St. Clair River have started a campaign called A Fun River is a Clean River. They are asking the thousands of people who will be participating in the Float Down to focus on keeping the river and surrounding areas clean and trash free.  Sheri Faust, President of the “Friends” group said, “This campaign is centered on raising awareness of personal stewardship of the river. We’re educating floaters and spectators and mobilizing volunteers to help keep the river, its shoreline and beaches clean.”

Members of the Friends group will be at Lighthouse Beach asking floaters to sign a pledge not to litter as a symbolic gesture of stewardship for the river. In exchange for signing the pledge, participants will receive a free mesh trash bag to clip to their float.  Volunteers are welcome to help the group in their efforts. The Float Down traditionally begins at Lighthouse Beach and runs 8 miles to Chrysler Beach in Marysville.