Harbor Impact Ministries Helping Families

The holidays are a fun and exciting time filled with love, family, and gifts! As Black Friday and Christmas approach, buying gifts can be expensive or out of the question for some families. To help ease that stress, Harbor Impact ministries, a local charity, is making shopping free for many local families.

Barb Hanneke, director of Harbor Impact Ministries, told ebw.tv during an interview that about 500 families go through on an “impact day.” Once a month, families are able to go into the cafe to get perishable foods and shop for other items such as clothing, toys, and home decor located in rooms of Sparlingville Elementary School. They also had Christmas decorations collected over the year available for the November Impact day event. 

Currently, Harbor Impact Ministries is looking to get more children and men’s clothing, although they will take all donations. Some ways you can help is by volunteering, donating goods, and donating money.  Learn more in this feature.