Hernandez Challenges Governor to Prioritize Public Health Over Politics

FEMA spokesperson Michael Hart told the media on Wednesday that Governor Whitmer has not yet asked the federal government for a disaster declaration.  WGRT spoke with Michigan House member and Appropriations Chair, Shane Hernandez, who confirmed that governor Whitmer has not signed the $125 million coronavirus spending bill that’s been sitting on her desk since last week.  

Shane Hernandez issue the following statement, “This is exactly why you don’t play politics during a pandemic. Priorities get muddled and mistakes get made. Michigan’s hospitals are filling, doctors and nurses can’t find medical equipment and our local residents are going without crucial tests. But in all the time Gov. Whitmer was on national television over the past week attacking President Trump for not sending funding, she apparently never found a few minutes to actually put in the request or sign the bill. We have to do better than this. People are counting on us.  Gov. Whitmer needs to get her priorities in line and take care of our sick people here at home before she tries to capitalize on this virus for national attention. Mistakes like this cost lives. Her entire political future isn’t worth a single one of them.”

Media reports further indicate that Governor Whitmer’s staff is is now working on the declaration.