High School Winter Sports Season Proceeds with Restrictions

Winter high school sports are scheduled to proceed as planned, but with some restrictions. A bulletin issued to member schools late last week outlined the actions taken.

Football playoffs were scheduled, and schools are looking ahead to winter sports. Practices and competitions are scheduled to begin on time, but schools or conferences could delay the starts and reduce the number of games. Limited spectators and face coverings for athletes are part of the plan.

According to the directive, “Regular-season competition limits in winter sports will restrict the number of teams and individuals at any one competition site. The concept is winter competition will take place as locally as possible with no large-scale events, invitationals or tournaments during the regular season. Out-of-state competition for Michigan schools must follow these MHSAA limitations.”

MHSAA reports that COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be spread at actual sports events, but it is spreading at events after competitions, like team dinners and parties. Athletes and their families are encouraged to limit this type of behavior to do their best to maintain the winter sports season.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland