High Water Winter

The Clay Township Board of Trustees held their regular meeting on Monday and one of the items discussed at the meeting was high water levels. Emergency Management Director, Justin Westmiller spoke at the meeting and gave a preview of what residents should expect in the winter months. He began by praising the efforts of Clay Township officials in their dealing with high water levels this past spring and summer. Westmiller spoke of potential impacts, though, for the upcoming winter. According to Westmiller, water levels are six and 10 inches higher than last year.  

With ice flowing down river in the winter months, Westmiller said water could come up two to three feet in places and ice could be pushed over roadways toward the southend of the county. He cautioned that he wants people to be prepared and not scared. Westmiller said he and his staff will keep close tabs on water levels at all times, as they always have.  The Coast Guard will get involved whenever residents have first-floor flooding. Otherwise, Westmiller said the Coast Guard could be clearing ice in the northern reaches of the lake assisting maritime commerce. Westmiller also said that the national flood insurance program is very important. Since there is a 30-day waiting period, Westmiller is encouraging Clay Township residents to purchase it now. A board member also reminded residents that contents of a home are not included with flood insurance and should be raised up off the ground.

Reporting for WGRT, Mike Smith.