History of Chrysanthemums

Have you ever wondered why the chrysanthemum, or mum as it is traditionally called, is most popular in the fall? Chrysanthemums are a photoperiodic, flower which means they bloom in response to shorter days and longer nights.  The Northern Hemisphere provides the perfect climate for the flowering plant.  

It was first introduced to the Western world in 1753.  The name chrysanthemums comes from combining the word chrysos, meaning gold, with anthemon, meaning flower.  Of course, many have shortened the name to just “mums”.  

Michael Murphy, owner of Christopher’s Flowers in Port Huron said, mums are most popular this time of year, “because the warm days and cooler nights make the perfect storm for them to grow well.”  He also added that “they are bright, and bring a lot of color to the fall.” He also explained that there are some “hearty mums” that may come up year after year after planting, but he cautioned that particular variety is getting costly, and harder to find.