Homeland Security Warns Public About COVID-19 Related Crime

Operation Stolen Promise is an initiative by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department of Homeland Security Investigations to target COVID-19 related fraud and other criminal activity. The pandemic has opened the door to a wide variety of criminal activity such as check fraud, counterfeit pharmaceuticals and test kits, and cyber crime.

The department released a report on May 12th sharing some of their successes, including 14 criminal arrests, 21 disruptions of illicit activity, and 531 seizures of COVID-19 related counterfeit test kits, pharmaceuticals, and Personal Protective Equipment.

Homeland Security Investigations is asking the public to help them with the initiative by recognizing criminal activity, protecting themselves and others, and reporting COVID-19 related crime. Consumers should be on alert for cybercrime, price gouging, email phishing scams, and prohibited pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

For more information visit www.ice.gov.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand