Hunter Hospitality House Plans New “Family House”

Port Huron non-profit, Hunter Hospitality House, is adding a third property to its roster of homes away from home for people who need to stay close to local hospitals.

HHH has announced the acquisition of a ranch style home next door to Lake Huron Medical Center. The house will be named the Hunter Hospitality Family House.

The organization saw the need for a house that was specifically designed for families, unlike their other properties that are more bed-and-breakfast style, more suitable for adults. The new home will be more comfortable for entire families to stay in while being close to loved ones in the hospital. While the house is near Lake Huron Medical Center, transportation to McLaren Port Huron is provided by HHH.

The house needs renovation. Roofing, flooring, construction, and landscaping all need professional attention. Donations of both time and talent will be needed to make the Family House a reality, just as those donations have sustained the other HHH properties.

The new house is scheduled to be opened on December 7, 2021, which is the 30th birthday of the late Hunter Willard, after whom the organization is named.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland