Ice Rink at Lincoln Park

A free opportunity for families and friends to get together and ice skate is under construction at Lincoln park, located at the south end of Port Huron. A 100 by 100 foot ice rink is being built by the Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center’s Positive Impact team. got to see the beginning stages of the rink and talk with Patrick Patterson, Center Manager at BW Roc, about how it all got started. 

Patrick Patterson explained in the interview that the Positive Impact team was put in place, “In an effort to do good deeds for the community, good deeds for the city of Port Huron, and help restore our lives when we are struggling with addiction.” After waiting for two weeks to get approval from the city, identifying a location, and finally being able to pick a day to start, volunteers came to action to make this rink come to life. 

Patterson also told in the interview that there is a stigma around those in recovery. In order to overcome the stigma, the Positive Impact team partnered with the community, like construction workers and other organizations such as DHHS, Chemical Bank, SMR, Blue Water Transit, and D&M Dumpster for support. Volunteer at BW Roc, Ryan Brown, said that the more he is able to give back, the more he is able to stay sober. 

Thanks to the Blue Water Recovery and Outreach Center, some free fun will be underway when the weather gets cold enough. Check out the progress of the new ice rink and learn more in this feature.