Illegal Discharges Negatively Affect Sanitary Sewer

Clay township recently sent a letter to their sewer customers highlighting illegal flows into the sanitary sewer system.  The wastewater treatment plant in Algonac treats the sanitary sewer system for Clay, Ira, and the City of Algonac. In their letter to residents, Clay township officials point out that the plant is designed to only handle waste water from the sanitary system.  It is not designed to help drain property due to flooding.

Recently, sewer pump stations were overwhelmed with infiltrating water. The township points out that illegal activities include connecting sump pumps to the sanitary system, lifting manhole covers to allow surface water to enter the system, or using any method to pump storm or river water into the sanitary system.  Residents will face fines for any illegal discharge into the system, and they may face permanent disconnection.