Imagination Station Rebuild Needs Volunteers

The Imagination Station at Greig Park in St. Clair is set to be rebuilt next week, September 10-15th. The rebuild is happening thanks to a volunteer-organized committee that has been planning since early this year. However, due to low numbers of volunteers signed up to help with the rebuild, the committee was forced to make a decision that will increase the costs of the project. Play By Design will be sending project leaders out a day early to start the build with committee members and volunteers, but the group says they are “still in dire need of volunteers throughout the week.” The group is counting on the same community that came together 25 years ago to build the original Imagination Station, to make it happen again next week. 

For residents interested in contributing to the project, the rebuild committee is asking for anyone that is willing to donate their time for tasks that include anything from skilled trades and painting to childcare and food prep. Out of the nearly 1500 shifts that need to be covered, around a 1000 individual shifts in varying positions still need to be covered. The group of community volunteers is also accepting monetary donations toward the cost of the rebuild. If you would like to volunteer to help with the rebuild, sign up HERE