ITC Conducts Aerial Patrols of Transmission Lines

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for keeping those high power electrical lines in working order? ITC Holdings based in Novi, is the nation’s largest independent electricity transmission company, and the company is responsible for the lines in most of the lower part of Michigan. At the end of September, ITC conducted an aerial patrol of lines in the St. Clair County area, which was originally scheduled for this week.

The patrols were completed by a helicopter flying at low levels over power lines and towers. The company reassures residents that there is no need to be alarmed over the flights. They looked for damaged or worn equipment, including steel towers, wood poles, and wires.  ITC also monitors the naturally occurring hazards from overgrown plants and trees during the patrols. If an issue is found, ITC’s maintenance team is informed to properly address the problem. ITC is responsible for 8,700 miles of transmission lines in the lower part of Michigan.  The semi-annual inspections throughout the state are slated for completion by October 18th.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.