ITC Decorating Transmission Towers

Driving home from work is about to get more festive for Blue Water Area commuters. Those who drive I-94 to and from work or otherwise travel in the area of Busha Highway and Huron Boulevard will be seeing nearly 18,000 lights on the ITC transmission tower. 

ITC will be lighting up one of its 150 foot tall transmission towers tonight with a third of a mile of rope lights. Drivers will also be greeted by a 10 by 15 foot Happy Holidays sign from the huge transmission tower as well. 

ITC Michigan is the nation’s largest independent electricity transmission company with a system of 8,700 circuit miles of transmission lines. It also owns and operates the high-voltage electricity grid in most of the lower peninsula. ITC lights up ten of their high transmission towers throughout Michigan, so it is safe to say they know how to light things up. The tower will be lit up tonight and drivers can enjoy this holiday greeting every evening until January 3rd.

Reporting for WGRT, Kelsie Kaczperski.