January 2019 Home Improvement Topic – A Restful Bedroom

Bedrooms are an extension of daily life. With stacks of magazines, bills to pay and cords for various electronics, it’s no wonder so many people have trouble sleeping. Now it’s time to reclaim your space and turn your bedroom into a relaxing place to escape the chaos.  Double up window treatments – Outdoor Roman shades plus thick drapes is the perfect combination to block light and – insulate. Use blackout curtains to reduce noise from the outdoors. – Pick peaceful colors – Along with paint, choose linens, pillows and throws in these restful shades. Think grays, paleblues, aquas and greens. Personalize your bed — Mattresses are a personal decision, so opt for one that feels most comfortable to you. For sheets, the higher the thread count, the silkier they feel but also the more wrinkled they can – get. Perfect your pillows  – Like mattresses, pillow style is a personal choice. It’s all about what you like and what will improve your sleep (cooling, memory foam, anti-allergy, balusters, down, body pillows, or others). One exception: If you have sleep apnea, look for pillows that keep your head elevated.
Decorate to inspire Hang items on walls that inspire you and bring you to a calm place. Try a collage frame of
family photos or a piece of framed art. Whatever you choose, looking at it should help you feel at ease and content.
Declutter your space Clutter is stress-inducing, but when everything is in its proper place, a room feels more
restful. Invest in organizing baskets (and other space-saving tools) and spend a few minutes tidying up and you’ll find it easier to relax in the evening.  Evict tech toys Noise and light are the biggest disruptors of sleep. So, while you’ve heard it before, it bears repeating: Keep electronics like TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones out of the bedroom.