Jones Encourages Leaders to Improve Diversity Efforts

Operation Transformation (OT) hosted a series of events last week including a Friday workshop that included 60 business and community leaders. The purpose of the one-day workshop was to gather community leaders to talk about and improve diversity efforts. Terry Kuhns, Associate Director for OT, said in light of recent events in the community, the group wanted to do something that was positively focused.  

The group invited Anthony Jones, President of RBD Management Consultants, to lead the discussion. Jones, a former Port Huron resident, spoke to the group. He said, “People, both customers and staff, make the bottom line grow [for companies]”.  When describing the program, Jones said, “The ability to gain insight into what is happening in the background of individuals and the context of their lives, and to have a deeper understanding of the people in an organization, or in your client and customer base – that’s powerful information.”  

St. Clair County Medical Health Officer Annette Mercantante said it was a very important training, and she was delighted to see so many community leaders at the event. She also said, “[diversity] is something that does not intuitively come to a conscious discussion, but yet it has a profound impact on our well-being our profitability, our economic well being, and the health of our community.”

Reporting for WGRT – EBWtv