Keep Your Septic Tank Healthy

St. Clair County is host to about 65,000 homes and approximately 30,000 have an onsite decentralized sewage system. This is known to many as a septic system. With nearly half of St. Clair County’s homes having a septic system, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Septic Smart Week is a good reminder for local residents. Through the campaign, the agency’s aim is to educate homeowners and communities about the proper care and maintenance of septic systems. They’re doing that with a few catchy sayings.

First, the EPA says “Think at the Sink” and avoid pouring fats, greases, solids, and harsh chemicals down the drain. Second, avoid flushing diaper wipes or other items meant for the trash can. Also, did you know you should shield your septic field by diverting rain and surface water away from the field while also avoid planting or parking a car on the area? Anyone with a septic field should protect and inspect the septic system regularly and test well water regularly. It is important advice as the weather heads into the colder Michigan months.