Knights Of Columbus – Replace Ultra Sound Machine At Spero

The Knights are responsible for at least one ultrasound in every state, as well as in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, Jamaica, Peru, and Africa.  Recently the Marysville Knights and St. Eds on the Lake Councils spearheaded an effort with other local councils to give a second machine to Spero to replace their old one.  Since 2009, the Knights of Columbus have donated ultrasound machines to pro-life pregnancy centers in a bid to give more women a choice alternative to abortion. The program, called “In His Image,” provides grants to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in order to replace ultrasound machines, which cost about $40,000 each.  Ultrasounds are a vital component of whether women choose abortion. When women see their baby on ultrasound, it dramatically influences them. They see the science that there IS a tiny person growing very rapidly, heart beating, THEIR baby often fully formed.  Women seeking an abortion need ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy. If non-viable, abortion is unnecessary. So many pregnancies end in miscarriage (between 20-30%) or have other medical conditions, that women may not need an abortion.  Now let me say that abortion is never necessary to save the life of a woman. A valid medical treatment would be to try to save BOTH, which may result in the unintentional death of the baby in ectopic pregnancy, or a woman in the operating room delivery her baby. Viable pregnancy through ultrasound confirms heartbeat, intrauterine placement, and gestational age.  Technology changes rapidly and the machines are very fragile, so new machines are needed at least every 5 years to get the best pictures.  The entire community is invited to a public Dedication on Wed. April 17, 4:00-5:30pm at the pregnancy center. And there is also an Open House Fri. April 26, 8am-2pm