Lake Huron Medical Center Announces Daisy Award Recipient

Lake Huron Medical Center congratulates DAISY Award Recipient Amanda Pigg, RN. The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses is recognized in 2,800 healthcare facilities in the United States and 17 different countries.  Amanda works as a Registered Nurse in the Definitive Observation Unit and was nominated by peers for her professionalism, positive attitude and her attention to patient care. She is also known for being a continuous learner, always eager to learn new regulatory requirements and sharing her knowledge with others.  Beyond her remarkable clinical skills, Amanda is known for her dedication to nursing. She takes pride in not only her work but that of her entire unit. She works hard and is an advocate for her patients, often going above and beyond to provide exceptional care.  “Through her leadership, Amanda provides a nurturing environment for nurses. She embodies Lake Huron Medical Center’s commitment to delivering high-quality, compassionate care,” comments Pat Roberts, RN, MS, Chief Nursing Officer, Lake Huron Medical Center.  “The DAISY Award is the perfect way to recognize our nurses because it reflects a nursing mindset which fosters care, trust, and compassion with her patients and peers.”  The DAISY Award was created 1999 by members of the family of Patrick Barnes who died of complications of the auto-immune disease ITP. The Barnes’ wanted to do something special to honor their son and came up with the name DAISY-an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. What continually resonated for them was the extraordinary care, kindness and compassion Patrick and the family received from her nurses during her illness.  Lake Huron Medical Center thanks Amanda for everything he does each and every day to provide our patients and their families with high-quality, compassionate care.