Lake Huron Medical Center Honors Employee And Volunteer Of The Month

Dawn Rybinski
Kathy Norton

Lake Huron Medical Center (LHMC) is pleased to announce its May 2019 Employee of the Month, Dawn Rybinski, and its May 2019 Volunteer of the Month, Kathy Norton. LHMC is honored to have a strong team of staff and volunteers working hard to deliver high-quality care to the Blue Water Area.  Dawn works in the Dietary Department and has been with LHMC since 2011. She was nominated by a visitor who commented, “Dawn treats the Lighthouse café employees and visitors with respect.  She carries out her responsibilities accurately and efficiently.  She also checks and replenishes the supplies and keeps the cafeteria clean and tidy.  I always enjoy seeing her.  The hospital is fortunate to have her as an employee.” Kathy volunteers in the Radiation Therapy Department and has been volunteering at LHMC since 2018.  She was nominated by an employee who wrote, “Kathy was witnessed on the 4th floor giving a listening ear to a bossy patient.  Her caring calmness was evident from the hallway.  Her love for what she does was very clear.  She offered support to the patient and the nursing team.  Kathy was heard saying “If I can make on person smile, I’ve done my job.”  Lake Huron Medical Center is proud of each of its employees and volunteers; and extends a special thank you and congratulations to all our team members, especially Dawn and Kathy as we celebrate their accomplishments.  To learn more about the programs and services offered at Lake Huron Medical Center, visit