Lake Huron Medical Center Improves Communication Between EMS and ER

Lake Huron Huron Medical Center is the first hospital in St. Clair County to begin using a new type of software that shares patient health information between EMS and the hospital. The Health Data Exchange, or HDE, connects the emergency center at the hospital with EMS providers. The information shared over the system will ensure the patient receives appropriate intervention by the physician when they arrive at the hospital. Interim Administrator and Chief Nursing Officer at Lake Huron Medical Center Pat Roberts said improving communication and strengthening relationships with EMS partners and getting access to vital patient information in a simple and more effective way is going to help the hospital better care for patients. Tri-Hospital EMS CEO Ken Cummings said the Health Data Exchange is a very big deal for his organization. He said he applauds Prime HealthCare (parent company to Lake Huron Medical Center) for bringing the program to St. Clair County. Cummings said the new system will enable both Lake Huron Medical Center and Tri Hospital EMS to share information more efficiently.