Lakes Pilot Association Navigates Yachts Through Local Waters

Over the summer months, vacationing increases with warmer temperatures and kids out of school.  The beautiful blue waters provide a perfect playground for boaters, whether they come to stay the night or are just passing through.  Recently, large yachts have been noticed on the waters of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River. Captain Dan Gallagher, President of the Lakes Pilot Association, said they typically see around 10 to 12 private yachts every summer.  The yacht owner and captain contract with the Lakes Pilot Association to navigate the vessel through local waters. Captain Gallagher said because these boats cross between Canada and the U.S., they need a trained lakes pilot aboard.  He went on to say that Canadian regulations take effect when boats cross back and forth over the international boundary. The Lakes Pilot Association on the U.S. side is charged with navigating the vessel safely. One of the more recent boats that came through was 250 feet long, 45 feet wide, and had 5 decks.  Captain Gallagher said except for a few private yachts, the bulk of their sailings are with commercial freighters of foreign origin.