Lane Changes Aim to Increase Safety

The Michigan Department of Transportation M-29 “Road Diet” began Monday, July 15, with a pavement marking contractor in St. Clair making revisions to the pavement markings for the proposed road diet. Residents can expect lane changes from both the Northern and Southern City limits. There will be 1 northbound lane, 1 turning lane and 1 southbound lane (4 lanes reduced down to 3 lanes). Immediately south of the bridge in front of Cargill and the railroad track area will remain 4 lanes for a brief distance.

With the proposed diet, there will be designated bike lanes and a designated turning lane into the Voyageur parking lot.  There will also be a designated turning lane into the Harbor Parking lot. No changes will be made to parallel parking along the boardwalk. The new plan hopes to see decreased traffic speed and increased pedestrian safety. St. Clair officials urge residents to remember that all changes will be temporary, but they’re being made because of numerous MDOT road studies that said traffic speed and pedestrian safety were the top two complaints or concerns of city residents. The changes will be re-evaluated after the season.