Lawn Care Company Taking Responsibility for Mistake that Killed Grass

In response to concern from the community, WGRT reached out to Nancy Winzer for more information about the grass situation at several Port Huron city parks. Winzer wants to assure the community that the lawn care company contracted by the city took full responsibility for the fertilization error when they became aware of it last fall, and they are cooperating with the city to repair the dead grass.

The initial report stated that the city’s insurance would be paying a claim for the repair, but Winzer clarified that the contractor’s insurance is covering the cost.

Both the City of Port Huron and the contractor are testing the soil to find a good solution to get grass growing again in those spots as soon as possible. Some of the grass that had a stronger root base survived the over-fertilization while weaker grass was more severely affected and died. The fertilizer used by the company is pet-friendly and would never be applied in amounts that would affect the nearby water. There is no danger to pets or animals walking on the dead grass.

“We understand how important these prime park areas are for our city,”said Winzer. “This company has provided the city with excellent service for years. They were forthcoming about their mistake and are cooperating fully to find a solution to the problem.”

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand