Leaders of Women in Aviation Great Lakes Chapter Receive Award of Excellence

In addition to the opening of runway 4/22 at the St. Clair County International Airport on Wednesday, there was a presentation by state officials to a few individuals from around the region. The Michigan Aeronautics Commission presented their Award of Excellence to the Women in Aviation Great Lakes Chapter. Helen Hagg, Mary Poirer, and Pam Tobin were recognized for their contributions to aviation education through their leadership with  Women in Aviation Great Lakes. The mission of the group is to inspire women to explore the field of aviation. Specifically, the Michigan Aeronautics Commission pointed to a women’s aviation career symposium that the three women set up and promoted throughout Michigan. John Mayfield, Manager of the Detroit District Office for the FAA, was also at St. Clair County’s International Airport on Wednesday and was presented an award from the group. Mayfield was recognized for his leadership while ensuring the safety, strength, and stability of Michigan’s airport system.